NYTEX Energy Holdings

NYTEX Energy Holdings, Inc. is an energy holding company with operations centralized in two subsidiaries, NYTEX Petroleum, Inc., an exploration and production company concentrating on the acquisition and development of crude oil and natural gas reserves.

NYTEX’s strategy is to enhance shareholder value through low-cost, early entry into emerging “tight oil” shallow resource plays; building oil and gas reserves through internally funded drilling programs; providing fee-based land and lease bank services in large acreage acquisitions; and generating and funding ongoing drilling programs with industry partners.

Innovative Strategy for Rapid Growth

By providing land and lease bank services, NYTEX owns overriding royalty interests in 65,489 acres in Jack, Throckmorton and Young Counties, Texas in the Marble Falls, Mississippi Lime and Caddo Lime resource plays.

By generating and selling drilling prospects to industry partners, NYTEX owns overriding royalty and/or carried working interests in 22,904 acres in Jack, Young, Palo Pinto and Stephens Counties, Texas.

Recently completed the drilling of its first six 5,500 foot Marble Falls wells at an initial rate of 75 barrels of oil per day and 1.8 million cubic feet of liquids rich gas per day.

NYTEX currently holds leasehold ownership in 1,205 acres with 30 drilling locations, and commitments to acquire 2,500 acres, on which 62 wells can be drilled.

NYTEX maintains an ongoing leasehold acquisition initiative in the Marble Falls play. NYTEX currently has 20 landmen acquiring leases for the company as well as other E&P companies with goals of acquiring over 200,000 leasehold acres this year.