Horizon View Partners Pursuing Medical, Energy and Real Estate Opportunitieswww.horizonviewpartners.com

Horizon View Partners was created by Dr. Davis to capitalize on unique market opportunities in medical and energy spaces, and real estate spaces. The partners have been involved in a number of merger & acquisition opportunities. We invest our own money in transactions and/or team up with family offices, private equity, venture capital, hedge funds, pension funds, endowments, advisors, etc.

Medical spaces of interest are: medical devices, home health care, medical insurance, medical healthcare systems, biomedical, biotech, pharmaceutical and medical related opportunities in growing and expanding markets. Areas of special interest are those that would benefit from the Obama administration health care directives.

Energy spaces of interest are power generation, oil and gas exploration, midstream gas, renewable energy and electric transmission sectors of North America's energy infrastructure. The firm's management has substantial experience working with energy companies and energy investments.

From a real estate prospective our focus is $25MM to $100MM+ acquisitions of life science and Class A medical office complexes located in strategic locations that preferably represent "off-market" or "pre-market" opportunities.

We are value players and have established a reputation for identifying unique situations where the market has not yet fully recognized the value inherent in a company's vision, technology, IP, or unique market opportunities. We believe that business is about more than dollars and cents; good partnerships depend on individual relationships as well as coordinated business plans. At the same time, we find that our resources are most effectively deployed when prospective partners display certain key criteria. In particular, we look for:

1. Companies with exceptional management teams that desire to grow the business over the long term,
2. Companies with a competitive advantage to their industry peers,
3. Companies with consistent earnings history—we prefer at least $5MM in pre-tax earnings,
4. And companies with solid returns on invested capital and opportunities to continue to deploy that capital.

Though we seek opportunities on a national basis, we focus our activities in the west coast and southwest. We prefer to partner with firms that also have technical or market expertise, capital depth, and/or strategic influence. We are highly engaged in the growth and development of our partner companies. We recognize that a company is only as good as the people who manage it, and we look for a management team that has "been there, done that" and who share our commitment to excellence. We will partner with people who we respect, and who share our values. Their business must meet the needs of our complex health system and its constituents and/or an ever-changing real estate or distressed asset market, both with discipline and consistency, over a substantial period of time.