Famcor is among the hundred largest natural gas producers in the state of Texas. Famcor is the single largest oil and gas producer in San Jacinto County, and the second largest oil producer in Polk County.

Generally, Famcor participates for 40-60% of the cost to drill and develop a prospect with third parties joining in for the remaining costs. Individual Famcor employees also have an opportunity to participate in wells to be drilled. Famcor operates nearly all of the properties in which it maintains an interest.

In 1971, Floyd J. Ray and his family formed Lynco Oil Corporation. Over the next 10 years of operations, Lynco accumulated interests in and operated over 90 wells in Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico and Texas. Lynco was sold to Dome Petroleum in 1981.

Formed in 1981, Famcor Oil, Inc. set out to drill, explore and develop oil and gas properties throughout Southeast Texas and surrounding areas. To this day, Famcor Oil, Inc. is actively involved in expanding current production in existing fields through development drilling on one end, and exploratory drilling for new production primarily through the use and acquisition of 3D seismic data on the other end.